a poem by Lee Emmett, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

arrive Stranraer Scotland
smooth passage from Belfast
saw early sun rising but
maybe good weather is past

grey clouds look forbidding
need warm coats today
small church in town
cottages line roadway

red, gold and orange flowers
in small garden beds
brighten up spirits while
wind rushes past heads

blokes fixing water mains
wear bright jackets of yellow
bus passengers talk of hydrants
remark about lassies and fellows

seagulls on rocks and mudflats
other birds in flocks gather
pecking around for food, white
swans form company together

black-faced sheep and cattle
graze on grass in cold
stream flows at slow pace
in gentle, rolling hills' fold

fences made of rocks
slate roofs, houses white-wash
another dock at Cairnryan with
large liner docking, looks posh

broad accents saying 'kinna'
'doon', 'ken' and joking
talking of local characters
all sorts of fun poking

Irish sea to one side
south Ayreshire on the other
roadworks hold up traffic, later
save fifteen minutes altogether

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