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a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

“Oh! Lord of the Heaven!
Wither have thee gone?
Answer my daily prayer”.
Cried a blind beggar.

The pity of the Heaven,
Touched his inner vision,
And he stood up aghast,
Before the Lord at last.

“My son! ‘Am pleased!!
Your prayer is now answered.
Not more than a boon,
Well, ask me, soon.

“Oh! Lord of Lords!!
To speak, I’ve no words,
Let me see my grandson rocked
In a cradle, made of gold!!!

Lord smiled and blessed,
So, as he wished.
What a package boon,
The wise beggar won!

He got his sight,
An estate, to his delight.
A good looking wife,
And a healthy long life.

He got all the riches,
To fulfill his wishes.
Later went to the Heaven,
Long after his grandson.

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