The Environmental Influence

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

On a summer hot midday,
Under a banyan tree shady,
A king of a remote place
Was taking a deep nap once.

Suddenly, a voice broke,
In a screech tone it spoke,
"Cut the head, peel the skin,
Let the blood drain."

Scared by this threat,
For some more rest,
He went to another tree,
And slept there care free.

Here also from the tree top
A kind voice woke him up,
"Oh king, please drink
This sweet cow's milk."

But there was nothing to drink,
And this made him think,
In his disturbed mind,
What was the story behind?

He sent his wise minister,
As he was quite eager,
With his orders to find out,
And let him know the fact.

Inside the nearby cottage,
The minister met a sage,
And asked for the story,
To answer his king's query.

"Two parrots were born,
To the same mother one
In my cottage ceiling,"
Said the sage smiling.

"One young parrot flew away
To a butcher's shop to stay.
It picked up what he spoke,
During his day's work."

"That was what your king heard,
From the first tree," the sage said,
"The other parrot grew in this cottage,
And learnt our sweet language."

"It is the place of environment,
That counts and not the parent,
To influence the character,
Of any person, world over."

The minister thanked the sage,
And took leave of his cottage.
The king heard the story,
And got rid of his worry.

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