What's Not Music?

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

What’s not music?
Everything is music.

The smart cock crowing
To awaken the morning.

The cuckoo bird cooing
For its mate wooing.

The honeybees buzzing
With their wings flying.

The young calf calling
Its cow for feeding.

The peasant folks singing
When they’re harvesting.

The crystal stream gurgling
When its water is flowing.

The ocean waves rising
As they move jumping.

The rain drops drumming
O’er the roof, while falling.

The green leaves fluttering
To the strong wind blowing.

The temple bells ringing
To the pleasure of hearing.

The distant siren hooting
As a source of warning

The factory machines working
A rhythmic sound making.

So, there’s music in everything
To the lovers of listening.

Life is a waste
Sans music taste.

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