Debit the Window Side

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

In an office Government,
There was an Accountant,
On the day of his retirement,
Took part in an entertainment,
For his long spotless service,
Three decades in the same office.

High of him spoke everyone,
Praised him with no exception,
That he promptly closed his books,
This kept him high in their looks,
There being no single occasion,
To show his delayed action.

“I know less of bookkeeping,
Not as easy as housekeeping.
Perhaps that which’s not a debit,
Is what they say is a credit.
And quite likely, it’s a debit,
That which’s not a credit.”

“This much sure I knew,
From the staff there a few,
The man next to my seat,
Gave me a hint, a voucher to post,
That window side was the debit,
While its opposite was the credit”

“I never moved from the seat,
As the purpose it would defeat,
The window side, I looked,
A debit voucher, when I booked.
This way, my accounts tallied,
I was happy, not much worried,”

His reply shocked every one,
Assembled there in the function,
As under a misapprehension,
They gave undue appreciation,
To a man free from botheration,
Till the day of his superannuation.

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