Who discovered the mirror?

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Who discovered the mirror?
We don’t, at all, remember.
To show our faces beautiful,
How much it’s really useful?

Above the wash basin
The glittering teeth clean
We see first every morn,
Before the day starts on.

The curly hair to comb,
The mustache to trim,
The oily face to foam,
How it helps at home?

Is there any beauty parlor,
Or a fancy dress store,
Or a modern shop tailor,
With no full size mirror?

Inside the ladies hand bags,
Or the gents coat pockets,
How the tiny mirror hides,
For their face-touch up uses?

To see the distant stars,
Or to find the tiny microbes,
How it serves a giant telescope,
Or a small but sharp microscope?

Mirror, mirror everywhere,
With our life for it to share.
Thanks to the unknown discoverer
For this all-time useful mirror.

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