Girls or Boys, Educate them.

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Atmaram was napping on his rocking chair.
O’er his chest was covering the newspaper.
His spectacle was resting on his forehead.
A sign of deep concern, his face showed.

Of his five daughters, the last one was smart.
She took the newspaper and went thro’ it.
What news would have disturbed his mind?
From the Newspaper, she wanted to find.

“Four girls of a drunkard farm worker,
Who were afraid of their dark future,
Sans education or job for self-support,
Hung from the ceiling in a suicide pact.”

As a father of five girls to be married,
It was but natural, if he was worried,
What would be the reaction of his girls,
Once they see this unpleasant news?

The news was carried to all the girls,
By the last one, who first went thro’ this,
But, they took it very casual as they read,
Saying, “A coward only would do such a deed.”

It’s the education that creates self-confidence.
What if, girls or boys, it makes no difference.
So, build no more warhead or ammunition,
Instead move the world towards education.

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