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passing through Pasing, frost on the ground
gold and red the leaves, train wheels main sound
people talking German, farmer pushes barrow
hay for pen of horses, confined to space narrow
some pale brown cattle, penned in small field
cars speeding along on side road sealed
heading off to Neuschwanstein, fairytale castle there
very cold and thick mist hanging low in air
hope fog will lift and sun come out today
or difficult to see castle through veil of grey
bought first newspaper for more than six weeks
to change fifty euros, mainly about crisis bleak
elections in US is the big topic of news
will be there very soon, observe at first hand views
sometimes Autumn's beauty reduces soul to tears
scarlet, gold and green shades erupt as Winter nears
pass water reflecting all natural wonder
can't find sufficient words describing scene fecunder
tiny outdoor huts set among small back gardens
hard to imagine living on post-stamp, if beg pardon
get used to life in Australian landscape wide
room to stretch and grow both outdoors and inside
suppose there are advantages, use land efficient-rational
more effort on manufacturing boosts gross product national
if always focus on consuming ever more and more
forget about work and saving, see country grow poor
see hens in yard probably feed them on scraps
recycling energy, even on small scale helps
old-style economies survive because they work
time to tighten belts, instead of responsibility-shirk
banks have much to answer for overextending credit
let people run up debts and get into very bad habit
now crunch time's come, people losing houses and jobs
some top executives' packages upset angry mobs
if gap grows too great between super-rich and poor
economy comes unstuck, need fair distribution more
governments can intervene, make tax system better
look after disadvantaged without punishing go-getter
at Kaufering station not single soul is seen
several get off train, head to homes set amid green
rail car stacked with logs out of forests nearby
big stacks of sand and stones for roads around lie
yards full of fruit trees, herbs, vegetables too
every square inch of soil for food, and flowers few
dried out corn, fallow and yellowing grass
Autumn well advanced everywhere, as trains pass
approaching big town, announcement in German
no English translation, much language still learning
at Buchloe some folk get off and others get on
form many quick impressions, then immediately gone
small industries thriving on both edges of town
then back to farmland, with soil rich and brown
waiting in the field is a type of large hawk
almost size of hen but probably doesn't squawk
mist finally clears, streaks of blue in sky
each town has own church to ponder eternal 'why?'
hills give way to mountains rugged, light snow cover
maybe should have worn additional warm pullover
at Kaufeburon station more folk on and off
wearing lots of layers to guard against cold-cough
if worse comes and freeze, will buy extra jumper
gloves and more, or heart will need extra pumper
at Ebenhofen see mountains outline clearly
barns to shelter animals, temperatures zero nearly
big factory seen, many tractors and trucks
hard to know if affected by economic flux
train stops for minute at Leuterschach
Bavarian style homes appear, and sky not too black
clear over peaks, maybe afternoon will be fine
go past pine plantation, slow up slopes wind
when arrive at Fussin will change to bus
take things as they come, won't create fuss
mountains look fantastic, white streaks of snow
like strands of lace, shawl drapes shoulder low
small hamlet see, and school sporting ground
few fences on farms in this region found
pretty little gardens, and stacks of wood
for winter fires, to feel warm is very good
teaching self to learn to be calm, and not panic
enjoy each moment, anxiety just makes sick
pause to let train pass, in other direction
will resume trip soon, seek castle's perfection
may suffer some cold and mild inconvenience
from insufficient planning, a bit of nuisance
starting to see more double storey chalets
accommodate sports fanatics on snow ballets
train windows double glazed against winter
Seeg sawmill with logs cut and splintered
man walking German shepherd, log in dog's mouth
in this hemisphere to head for warmth means south
just have noticed a family group of ducks on pond
electric fences so animals don't stray beyond
stop after Werzen-Hopferau, trying to be brave
take deep breath, relax, attempt to face save
clear mountain streams, fresh clean air
wide open snowfields, weather expected fair

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