The Silent Majority

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Do you know the silent majority,
No matter, of any Country,
Forming the core of the Society,
The backbone of that Country?

They’re the Mothers,
They’re the Fathers,
They’re the Sisters,
And are the Brothers.

They’re the Teachers,
They’re the Preachers,
They’re the Reformers,
And are the Farmers.

They’re the Soldiers,
Guarding the Frontiers,
Holding their life at stake,
For their Country’s sake.

They’re the Workers,
They’re the Doctors,
They’re the Scientists,
And so many in the lists.

They’re the God-fearing,
They’re the peace-loving,
They’re the law-abiding,
And are the hard-working.

Many talents, not in front,
No doubt, bear the brunt
Of the Country’s demand
Waiting at their command.

The rain falls for them,
The wind blows for them,
The grains grow for them,
And the Sun rises for them.

The good work they do silently
Comes not to the surface daily,
As they aren't given any publicity
Of what they do diligently.

It’s the selfish minority,
After fame and money,
The front-runners of the society,
Suppress the silent majority,

Don't forget the silent majority,
But give them more priority,
And favor not the minority,
With colorful undue publicity.

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