Never advise a fool

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Never advise a fool,
On the use of any tool,
That’ll end in the story,
Of a foolish monkey.

On the top of a tree,
It lived a life care-free,
The sky being its roof,
A shelter no weather proof.

A weaverbird in its nest,
Spent its days all the best,
With its lovely chicks a lot,
Sun or rain, it cared not.

“Oh Uncle, dear monkey,
Why you’re now so funky?
Why in this rain you roam?
Better build your own home.”

The little bird out of pity,
More from its curiosity,
Addressing the quadruped,
These good words it said.

“Oh, you puny creature,
How dare ill of my feature,
You speak with no fear
These dirty words here?”

Angry it became next,
And tore the bird’s nest,
Thus every one to learn,
The titled moral lesson.

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