My Juhu Beach Walk

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

Along side the sea shore I walk,
Alone, none by my side to talk,
Every evening in the Juhu Beach,
Very near my house to reach.

On the sands, Policemen in the jeep,
A vigil, up and down, they keep,
For the safety, in their daily rounds,
Of the visiting tourists.

The hot spicy fast food vendors,
Sell the food to their customers,
With pungent smell of different sorts,
From their glass case moving carts,

Some kids build a sand castle.
Some dig deep pits with a tussle.
Some play cricket, the players
Unmindful of the beach walkers.

Some, for a swim, jump into the sea,
Some stand, with fear, near the sea,
Some pick up fresh shells in the water
And yet others throw rubbish into the water.

Young couples hug each other,
As they move, step by step, closer,
Into their own imaginary paradise,
Not caring for other's prejudice.

Fishermen with their pricy catch,
Looking for a fair price to fetch,
Dock their boats on the pitch,
Marked reserved for them each.

A group of retired old men,
Busy on subjects in common,
Talk about their days bygone,
And pristine glories one by one.

I, for one, go on my own way,
On the wet side of the bay,
Keeping my view on the seaside,
And the landside panorama aside.

The red ball of the setting sun,
Descending slowly into the horizon,
Appears to drown itself in the sea, Arabian,
Before the eyes of men and women.

For a moment my imagination,
Runs riot now and then,
To the sea what'll happen
When this scene is a real one?

Then will there be a sea
For any one of us to see?
Or will the earth survive
For any one of us to live?

What is seen goes unbelievable!
What is unseen is believable!
The ways of nature are quite funny
And appear to be deceptive really!

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