The Untamable Shrew

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

It was a family of two,
The citizens well knew,
That the hubby had no voice,
The wife being the boss.

Day in and day out,
The wife did, nonstop, shout,
That shook the nerves
Of all their neighbors.

The husband bore in silence,
As any use of violence,
He knew it well,
He was in hell.

What can’t be cured,
Must well be endured.
This much, he understood,
And stood like a wood.

To his dismay, one day,
He met a friend on his way,
Helpless was he, to rid of him,
Took him, for dinner, home.

He whispered into her ears,
With eyes full of tears,
To treat the guest well,
Without any yell.

His tears moved her heart.
She agreed at last,
That she would count three,
Before her shouting-spree.

In the midst of dinner,
He lost his usual shiver.
His promise, he forgot,
In ordering this and that.

One, two and three,
Thus she counted three,
The pot of soup, she threw,
What an untamable shrew?

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