Thousand Lies For A Good

a poem by Rajaram Ramachandran, India - poetry writer, author, poet

The limit of lies, for a marriage, in the east,
Just a thousand, that is the least,
So many-a-wed-lock ends in trouble,
Once a lie is pricked like a bubble.

Beautiful was the bride, adorned with gold,
But the lame bridegroom, never was told,
That she too was a handicapped lady,
With left arm, disproportionate to her body.

Ushered into their first-night-chamber,
He couldn’t suppress his guilt from her.
She hid hers, in fear, under her veil,
To let him think, it was so real.

Suddenly a burst of laughter shook them both,
As time ran out to tell the truth.
The girl waved her short hand first,
The boy ten revealed his leg-with-twist.

Pity, their elders suppressed the fact,
Not that, the couple be cheated in their act.
Their shortfall held them close, despite lies,
That would have, otherwise, broken their ties.

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