a poem by Nancy Ellen Crossland, USA

Rising from 10,000 fathoms it raised it's evil head
Florescent black and yellow scales
Eyes of fiery red
It moaned as it's speared tail slapped the deck
A vision of great dread,

Captain Enod had seen his vile head rise in the voyage of'72
It was a cloudless night not a sail blew
In this silence his crew knew
A fight for their lives with this scourge of the sea
They must win
It was him or me,
But he played his game with flashing eyes
Submerging into the sea,

So now crafty demon you choose the hour
The battle to begin
Who will you devour?

Captain and crew now poised for the test
Harpoons readied to hurl
With sails flapping and rising waves
The plan had been unfurled,

It struck again with fury
A dozen harpoons flew
The captain's striking between his evil eyes
He flailed
He moaned
He hissed
And then the canon struck exploding the monster through the sky

With cheers and shouting rising over the "Rachel Lee"
The sun now rose over a calm sea
A voyage with a tale to tell
Defeat of the scourge of the sea would tell
From the crew of '83

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