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“ To the one who has got a good pair of shoes, it is as if the whole of earth is carpeted with leather!; like wise only a restrained mind only brings happiness!”

Hitopadesha -------- Ancient Indian philosophy

Meet the resilient one-
And an incredibly wise one,
Who has just a good pair of shoes-
To call as his own!

He walks through sharp stones-
And unpaved streets,
Thorns of the jungles,
Slippery mountain slopes,
Dirt paths and mud- roads.
His only possession :
A good pair of shoes.
His feet unhurt and not stained,
His joy unalloyed-
As he plods through the journey of life.

He walks though the sunset,
Without a tear being shed-
For the loss of the day and its glory!
His sigh never escapes-
A pair of tightly shut lips!
And never mingles-
With the last whispers-
Of a dying night!

He is firm as a rock-
As majestic as a Messiah,
Who guides the herd,
To the safe havens -
Of the mountain –caves
And he stands guard at their mouths,
With his staff;
His shoes -still on!

He is the ancient one!
Yet his picture never gets painted-
On temple roofs-
Or church walls!
You never meet him-
On the pages of,
Scriptures or sacred lore!

He is the resilient one-
With only a pair of shoes
To call as his own!
Is he none other than the mind,
Clothed in resilience!

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