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On a field of green where twenty-two players battle,
the referee starts the ball rolling with his silver whistle.

Ninety minutes to go, the spectators are driven insane
for their heroes antics cause excruciating joy and pain.

This is the place …

where one is kneed, elbowed, pulverized and lynched
the other is pulled, grabbed, shinned and pinched.

where a facial expression has a thousand connotations
the finger extension causes unholy consequences.

where ‘the hand of god’ wins a crucial match
a grown man cries for missing a vital catch.

where the manager is a wreck by the end of the game
as the goal count decides his career and fame.

where players are cheered for their netting kicks
and referees are jeered for their red card tricks.

where puny states rise and mighty nations fall
it’s much ado over the efforts of a black-and-white ball.

6 Feb 2009

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