a poem by Michael Flores Caasi, Philippines - poetry writer, author, poet

I made the plan to settle down
With you my love, my only one.
To walk until the rest of time
Grow old and die with you my only one.

We parted ways for quite sometime
And face our busy life ahead
Until I swam into other rivers
And left you with your broken heart.

From then we never communicate
I had my work, and you still have me
I had the new one, and you still have me
Nurturing the love you didn't see.

O dear I'm here again
Forgive me for the pains I caused
your heart, still beating just for me
Will you still have me, or you'll set me free?

The plans and promises were gone
Believe me, you're still my only one.
Grant this second chance to shine
And love you until the end of time.

Will you forgive me for my foolishness?
Will you welcome me with more happiness?
Will you live with me through eternity?
Hate me...
Free me...
Will you still love me?

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