a poem by Michael Flores Caasi, Philippines - poetry writer, author, poet

O dearly cherished lady of my soul,
You're the most beautiful painting on my wall,
Helps me to forget my toil.
You are the sweetest melody I sing,
which leads me into endless longing-
You're the windows of my little home
My site in writing all my poems.
At times when I'm alone,
You seem to be all flowers grown
and give me reasons to enjoy
Their beauty that I do employ.
You are the sun that lights my way
Bestows me perfect shining day.
You are the stars twinkling in my sky
my strongest wings that make me fly.
O girl you are my vivid shadow,
Guiding all my high and low.
At night when I'm about to rest,
You are my dreams, my fairest guest.
And morning when I untie my eyes,
You seem to be my butterflies
that greet me with their cutest smiles.
You are my life, my everything,
My soul, my wish and only longing.

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