The 60's are gone

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

The sixties are gone,
As we followed our fate's.
Sang those old familiar songs,
We've made it through the years,
attaining style, with some grace,
Made mistakes we can't erase.
We've all been out of school for many years,
Along the way we've smiled and shed some tears,
Made new friends, changed with the trends.
Do you recall who you sit next to in study hall?
Of the prom dresses you tried on that you didn't choose,

One thing through the years we will not forget,
And on that you can bet,
Is the smile and kiss of our first love,
Of how our hearts and hands fit mutually like a glove,

Now late at night, the memories sometimes return,
And of an old friend we often yearn,
We sometimes wonder of a love of back when,
Of how, and what if, it might have been.

A recall of a stolen kiss in the dark,
During a strole through the park,
We once signed annuals of the events we shared.
To acknowledge our friendships and childhoods silly affairs.
We thought that puppy love came from the lord above.
Oh my, puppy love--------parting?
Oh my, It was never even dreamed of.........
Way back when.

Linda B. Terrell
Feb. 15 2009

I wrote this for my classmates for our reunion....

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