Nothing Lasts

a poem by Paul Butters, UK

We build our towers right up to the sky,
Our palaces and mansions:
Just look at Dubai!
A sense of permanence;
The grandeur of Man.

Yet Nothing Lasts.
Take a longer view.
Within ten billion years
The world will slow its turn,
And days will last for months.

Plate tectonics will grind to a halt,
Volcanoes go quiet and still,
The Earth’s magnetic field will fade
And the Moon will drift away.
The sun will grow into a red giant,
And swallow up the world.

Meanwhile, The Milky Way
And Andromeda
Will merge.
Yes Nothing Lasts.
Yet Something always stays.

The cycle of Creation never seems to end.
New galaxies, gas clouds, stars, and planets;
New babies, chicks and fawns.
Those seeds, they keep on sprouting,
And growing...
Perhaps new realms and universes too!

For who can say
There will be only one
“Big Bang”?

More Creation,
For Nothing Lasts.

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