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You know that time has passed you by when wolf-whistles stop
The toothless goldsmith calls you aunty as you enter his shop
The kids hold out their hands to help you walk down the stair
Your knees pop as you bend or lift yourself out of that chair
Nerve-wrecking aches make you lose sleep or slow you down
Your dragging slippers can be heard swishing for miles around
Your pate seems to shimmer when you are under a bright disc
Your comb drags some strands of hair as you brush it down brisk
You smile between closed lips, your teeth you won’t let them see
A lump seems to be forming in parts of you where it shouldn’t be
Can’t hold your bladder in, need to go, and that’s a crying shame
Playing a round of monopoly with the children is not a fun game
No more a sexy lady or a hot mama you are losing that cool
The worst is being asked if you are son’s grandma at his school!

15 Feb 2009

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