Run away from love,

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

Run, Run Run,
Run away from love,
If your not old enough.

Love is a game
It isn't easy to play,
So search within your heart

Run, run , run,
Run away form love,
If his love isn't enough.

It all began,
when Eve tempted Adam,
at that tall fruit tree,

Wisdom proclaimed
as we age and die
Whether be truth or lie,

Run Run Run
Run away from love
If your not old enough

Love is a game
it isn't easy to play
So make sure your old enough.

Love is a game.
It isn't easy to play
it isn't easy no way,
so make sure your old enough.

By Linda B Terrell

I wrote this as a song lyric few years ago
It just turned into a poem...

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