The Payday Blues,

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

This morning I awoke,
Feeling so sad and blue,
With only two dollars in my pocket,
Oh what to do.

Payday is still two days away,
My my, to juggle both bills and weight,
Who this week, shall I pay.

I gathered all bills in a hat,
Gave that old hat a dear pat,
Threw them high in the air,
Just to land I know not where,
Life seems so unfair,
Watched them fall on the kitchen matt,
One by one splat, splat, splat.

First to land was the water bill.
Bouncing off the window sill.
Thank goodness, sanity I have still.

Oh what a thrill,
Water but no groceries,
Oh what do I do.

The rent, in one week will soon be due,
Lights and car payment too,
Three dollars left,
one seems so bereft
Pay day is over,next week's not yet due
Oh what with this three dollars left shall I do.

I knew in the back of my mind.
Next week I will expect a letter of---remind,
Damanding their money so kind,
One more week till the grind.

They're not yet late,
I'll make a new fate,
Ah yes I'll get to fill my plate,

Yipee I let out a bawl,
Grabbed the phone to made a call,
to meet cousin Paul,
Let's head to the mall.

Three dollars left,
Hurray, Hurray,
Plus the two in my pocket cleft,
Now five dollars left.

I grabbed my hat,
Yardsale, oh yes by uncle Nat's,
Oh my a shawl, five dollars for all,
Now headed for home nare to the mall.

Yipee nothing left but had a ball.

I Hate To Do Dishes
My Collection of Poems 2008 - 2012
Many and few
I Hate To Do Dishes
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In God We Trust
I Hate To Do Dishes
Poems Written in 2008 and 2009

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