In God We Trust

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

It comes to mind,
Amidst this economic grind,
We are getting farther and farther behind.

Where do we bend that copper lacking penny.
To save, if any,
Conserve we must,
For "In God We Trust.

I have a plan,
It could work over a years time span,
To change school days,
New dates of attendance we must phrase,
To set out a change,
Within a new affordable range.

From September though December
Now what I've said remember,
All kids to be in school attendance,
To form a new transcendence.

Again in March through June,
Through these 6 months to school to commune,
The problem of fuel would soon decrese,
For all to aline a substancial caprice,
Pinching that perverbial penny,
Change, Change for the many,
To save so many more, than not any.

To snuggle in a ones warm home,
A dream come true for the Bipolar,
Not out in the cold to roam,
Not, January through February,
No books to get out in the cold and carry.

No high heat bills, paid by the government,
The lacking economy nare to carry,
From January through February,
For our government to subside,
No longer will the broken economy just glide,
What a joyous surprise,
It just might rise.

From July thorugh August not to fret on the air conditioning,
No school in session, no school to be skipping,
These months will be for kids to swim and go fishing,
No hot days in the sun lacking fun,
Trying to concentrate on the panel of an English debate,
Sun outside, Make haste, of ones tempting dreams,
A dream come true for all so it seems.

I would imagine you could see the financial benefits,
No more high heating and cooling bills for the
government to watch Senators to throw fits,

Conserve we must for "In God We Trust".
In this plan devised, for change to still arise,
For our people "together" to form as always a more perfect nation.

In God We Trust
My Collection of Poems 2008 - 2012
Springs Vision
In God We Trust
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