SEASONS IN SCHOOL (Italian sonnet)

a poem by Jacinta Ramayah, Malaysia - poetry writer, author, poet

Cold January, children lug to school,
Cool breeze in February, tasks begin,
Bright March, sports fever, students make a din,
Its drizzly April weather, damp shoes rule,
Spry May, on teacher’s day, be one is cool,
Warm June, assessment time, learn smart to win,
In hot July, the sun burns clammy skin,
Fierce August; need some dipping in a pool.
September’s promise, knowledge when applied
October gives rewards, endurance pays,
November dawdles making pupils wild,
December’s chill invites vacation days,
A teacher nurtures well and builds a child
To be a fine adult with loving ways.

27 Feb 2009

abbaabbacdcdcd (each line has 10 syllables)
(In iambic pentameter where possible).

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