Many and few

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

I've never been to London,
nor Italy, Japan,or Spain,
From my lacking budget I must refrain.

Far away lands I may never see,
But on my internet it is available to me,
Sights amazing,
Even breath taking,
Many and few,
Sights I never knew.

Lavishly colored fun too,
Waters, clear and blue,
Seneries so far away,
Hills, street side groceries, day to day,
Then with the click of the mouse,
Here in my little house,
To then view
Many and few,
Click Click,
Oh so quick,
Amidst to view the northern light,
In my minds eye I watch with pure delight.

From my peaceful home,
To far away lands I roam,
Through this 81/2 by 11 screen,
View calming and serene.

Gods story seen in each peaking mountain top,
As fun as the fifties and be bop,
Over the vallies, and rivers,
Gods gloroious sights never to stop.

By Linda B Terrell

The Payday Blues,
My Collection of Poems 2008 - 2012
In God We Trust
In God We Trust
From The Beginning
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