B Cool

a poem by Paul Butters, UK

They say that anger is addictive.
Like all addictions
You get a buzz:
A thrill:
“We love to fight,
On a Saturday night.”
To stamp on faces
And kick a load of a*se.
Adrenalin rushes fuelled
By Alcohol and drugs.

We Love to Hate:
Our bosses,
Ex wives and husbands,
All foreigners
And anyone who’s different,
Plus other football teams.

But anger and hate,
They make you ill:
The same as all addictions.
With Cortisol cluttered arteries
And blood clots;
High blood pressure
And stress.

Chill out my friend,
Make Love not War,
That’s my advice to you
(Or anyone else who may
Be listening).

Be cool
And live the life
Of Peace.

(C) PB 1\3\2009, 12.30, in Yorkshire.

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