a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

It comes to mind,
admist this ecomomic grind,
We are getting farther and farther behind,

Where do we bend he copper lacking penny,
To pinch so skinny,
The coins that state so plain,
For, "In God We Trust." for all to see.

Pennies, among many other coins,
should all state the word,
Are we all obsurd?
not to save, if any,
conserve, we must,
For, "In God We Trust,"

I have a plan,
I am not for the ban,
a plea on this site, to simple,
though I must,
For, "In God We Trust."

We have spent years,
wiping away each other's tears,
Friends, Family's, and fo,
but all along we know,
For, "In God We Trust."

Fighting other countries and fears,
Lacking of money but never of faith,
as pay day nears,
For, "In God We Trust." formed together, all of us.

For what good is this change,
this country or words to subtract or suddenly re-arange.
To remove such tiny powerful words.
Would be obsurd.
For, "In God We Trust."

Linda B. Terrell

I re-wrote this as it did not suit me before...
There is a great disagreement against the word "God" on coins and other materials in our country at this present time.
this is for all to read freely.
My feelings on the word God...The father of all.
For all to see. Whether or not they agree.

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