Days gone by

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

Mom's fifty's big bold jewlery,
to match fox collar, coat furry,
peddal pushers, black and white oxfords,
Sunday trips shopping, to Sears and Wards.

Velvet hair bows,
tassels and throw's,
glasses with rinestone glitters,
black skirts, sewn on puffy critters.

Pointed toe shoes,high heals,in nose bleed section,
mom still had time to bake, giving affection,
alass the 50's brought so much fun,
Keds, the shoes we wore, faster we'd run.

Elvis side burns, rolled up sleeves,
cool or bust, everyone in God believes,
boys sporting pompador's glaore,
brilcream sliding, for all to adore.

Dad's new 57 chevy, red and white,
crusing through town, with envious delight,
mom's scarf blowing in the wind.
The 50's gone by, like an old family friend.

by Linda Terrell

Happy days gone by...Had to jot a few lines about the fun of the 1950's.

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Climbing from the pit of depression.

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