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Stanley was an average caterpillar
Bright green with some black spots
Chomping on tender leaves all day
He really ate quite a lot!

Today he stopped and thought about
How he could make it a better day
Why he could plan a garden party next Saturday
Welcoming Spring,

He got so excited
He rolled right over
And happily began to sing,

Frazier frog and family he'd book for entertainment
Danielle dragonfly and her sisters would add such lovely arrayment,

Certainly Lucy ladybug and all the girls would see to
Tasty treats to nibble on
And setting up places on the lawn,

Bill and Bob his beetle buddies always had a joke to tell
They had a great one about the "Farmer in the Dell,"

The bees and Tim Turtle of course must become a part
Stanley was so anxious
He hardly knew where to start,

With all the planning he had to do
Making things just right
Sometimes he stayed up past his bedtime
Late into the night,

Before he knew it the day arrived
And much to his great surprise
He just didn't feel like he had before
He couldn't believe his eyes,

He had grown glorious orange wings
Spotted yellow and brown
An average caterpillar no more
No more inching on the ground,

When guests arrived
What a fantastic surprise
Stanley now was a handsome butterfly!

Nancy Ellen Crossland

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