Loves fool

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

Fools rush in.
with a silly grin.
as a cat approaching a wren.

No clouds or rain,
now deminishing refrain,
Goal, just love to gain.

It is no sin,
to have a foolish friend,
to help your heart mend.

Love, a fool gives generously,
to give and give repeatedly,
over and over agreeingly,

What is it they say,
the one who bring a big bouquet,
will bring to you dismay.

A loving fool,
Love as his healing tool,
He has such a simple rule,

In life, no dule,
nothing cruel,
just the love from a simple fool.

A fool, one should never judge,
They never hold a grudge.

With a childlike caress,
their lives sometimes a mess,
never thinking to impress.

Love has no laws or a rule,
but love can sometimes be so cruel.
to a simple fool.

A half hearted friend, love to posses,
Deny his selfish ways,
all of life's days,
Winning? God bless,
by avoiding life's simple distress.

By Linda B Terrell

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