Temptation or love

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

Factory jobs,
Feeling like a slob,
Dirty tables, dirty floors,
Trucks in and out of big doors.
I watched you cross, my heart soars.

metal of many kinds,
in sight all around,
debilitating sounds,

Echos of machines.
One forced to dwell on the music within,
Smells of soder fill the rooms.
nothing to do, grab a broom.
Today safe! Tomorrow Gloom?

You walked into my heart,
Despite my dramatic start,
You reside forever within,
Through eternity, love or sin?

For I still today, with you,
You and me,
You and me.
What would life now be,
Did ever any one care to see,
If they would have let us be..

Linda B Terrell

What would have been, can never be measured,
Be fruitful and multiply,
Having children are life's reasons for moving on.
Sacrifice of love are many kinds.......

Housecleaning Blues
My Collection of Poems 2008 - 2012
Housecleaning Blues
From The Beginning

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