MONEY (burlesque)

a poem by Jacinta Ramayah, Malaysia - poetry writer, author, poet

The rich have more than the down-and-out,
the situation seems so unfair,
They keep so much these people of wealth,
why can’t they at least share,
The homeless on the streets make ends meet,
living without hope and care,
The rich man’s meal is fit for a king, the poor
make do with what is there,
The pockets of the rich are stashed with cash,
the poor man’s cupboard is bare,
A sheen of shine on expensive shoes while
cheap ones have seen much wear,
The flow and fall of a gentle lady’s clothes,
the simple wench’s has a tear.

The destitute take matters into their hands,
for equality they swear,
While the rich snuggle in their beds, they
make devious plans in their lair,
To seize from the mighty, strike them down
before they are hardly aware,
So they break into mansions, rob and run,
for the rich have much to spare,
A grand man’s life they easily take, for the
want of gold they would dare,
What does it profit a man to gain the world
but forfeit his soul the Bible doth declare,
For those who have and have not, money is
for sure the root of evil everywhere.

31 Mar 2009

Burlesque - a satire on a serious matter

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