The Boxing Match

a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

The Boxing Match

Two contenders on the ring
jumping, hitting and smashing each other
with gloves on, they fight like
the modern jaguars with the target of money
and the grand title the ring can offer.

As they punch each other
with the sole goal of winning,
they cease to look at each other
in the eye as friends in the lonely jungle
but as enemies in the fight over
who is weaker and who has more the power.

Never mind the blood that spills over
Never mind the fall of the other contender.

The watching crowd shares
the nature of the tigers,
they, too, growl and cheer
when the other is knocked down.

Hurrah to the more powerful!

The boxing match becomes
the jungle of humans
caring only for the strong
and condemning the weak.

(copyright, Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, upon seeing boxing on TV)

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