Where is God Hiding?

a poem by Sheela Chalapathi ramananda, India

"Where is God hiding?
I cant find Him anywhere,"
cried Inexperience,
"I have looked for Him
in my mother and father
I have wept for Him
in the darkness of the night
and asked dawn to show Him.
I have searched for Him
in the sky and the earth.
I have tried in vain
to find Him in the flowers
and in the hoar trees.
I have run with the streams
and the rivers to locate Him
I have climbed up the mountains
and peeped into the dark caves.
I have scaled up the cliff
and crawled down the crevice.
I have waited with abated breath
on the shores of the roaring sea
and tried to feel Him in the rain.
Oh!where can I find Him?"

Wisdom smiled and patted his back,
"You have already found Him
Oh! my foolish child!
He is in the love of your mother
and the discipline of your father.
He is in the comfort of sleep at night
and the ruddiness of the dawn.
He is in the infinite blueness of the sky
and the fertility of the earth.
He is in the fragrance of the flowers
and the shade of the trees.
He is in the azure water of the river
and the loftiness of the mountains.
He is in the strength of the body
and the adventure of the spirit.
He is in the treasure of the sea
and the purity of the drops of rain."

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