Hair With Flair

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

Hair with flair
Looking for styles?

My locks, stacked,
high upon the head,
teasing, twisting,
A task one so dreads.

Black brown,
brown black,
yellow highlights,
a model's delight.

Reddish alburn,
brownish red,
fluffed bed head,
straight and stiff,
curly or flowing,
Each a daily hair day prayer,
a Monday morning nightmare.

Curled and lightly fluffed,
yet, not in a muss,
paraded like a new hat,
no longer straight or flat
Some kind of change, now approaching.

Yellowish white,
white yet platinum,
as a star in the galaxy
performed with perplexity,
or as a movie star spectacular.

Grayish White,
not a delight,
color of a woman's nighmare,
aging, so daily she bares,
of years toil, of white soil.

Described among the many,
yet to be defined with flair,
as red as a copper penny,
as a bright firey blaze,
Upon it each, wondering mans gaze.

Linda B Terrell
April 12, 2009

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My Collection of Poems 2008 - 2012
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