a poem by Sheela Chalapathi ramananda, India

Why ask for the Future,
ask for the Present
you will get it for sure!
Why dwell in the Past,
live in the Present,
that is what you have got now!
But the Past inadvertantly peeps
into the Present,raking up
memories,leaving a bitter taste...
The Present cannot contain
its curiosity and draws
an overzealous sketch of the Future.
The minutes tick by....
The colours run out of the
sketch leaving it smudged and ugly.
You are made to look like a fool
with the bitterness of the Past
and the ugly smudges of the Future
smeared all over your Present.
So,dont allow the yesterday
barge into your today.
And dont spoil the mood of today
by being over concerned about tomorrow.
Remember-the Past and the Future
are linked by the Present and the Present only!

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