For Flor Contemplacion, A Legacy of Truth

a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

For Flor Contemplacion
A Legacy of Truth on March l7

It’s raining
for your scheduled hanging
this morning
the sky also sheds tears.

For those who believe
in the justness of your trial
on the alleged crime
the world with its bloody brand
of justice maybe able to sleep.

For those who believe
in your innocence
this morning in the gallows
for you is also a torture
in our soul
And like the sky
that sheds tears for you,
inside we do cry also.

Die if die you must
because justice on earth
is thirsty of blood.

But please, please, leave
a legacy of truth from your pen
write it in your heart
Whisper it to your children
Let it be translated into
different languages and
be wafted to other lands and seas.

As truth sets in the lips
Of a dying person, please
please leave a legacy of truth
to the Singaporean court
for the Philippine laws and let your trace be
a judgement to us all in our slowness to action
in our insanity of driving away our own folk
from own homeland.

Leave, leave a legacy of truth
Let no one hide it by fear
Or by any manipulative control.

Let it fly and touch and lodge
in every human heart and conscience
Let us recapture our sanity
As people who ought to value peace,
love, justice and unity.

Die if die you must
But your dying should not be empty
for your death in the gallows
today should be able to relive
Our calloused and dead senses.

Why should it take your life
of 42 summers to be sacrificed
on the altar of death before we can wake up?

Why should it crush your heart
and that of your children
and loved ones if die you must?

Why this crazy brand of truth
and untruth based on evidence
to prove and disprove?

And yet there is only one legacy of truth
that is able to save us all
It’s your brand—your legacy of truth
to tell to the whole world
And let it be a judgement over us all.

(Written on the day, Flor Contemplacion, a Filipina domestic helper was hanged in the gallows in Singapore while a very strong debate in the Philippines about her case became a strong focus in media and among the masses)

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