Apprehensions of a Bird

a poem by Sheela Chalapathi ramananda, India

Sitting in the rack
of a busy classroom
the lonesome pigeon
hides its neck in its breast.
Blinking between naps
stretching its graceful neck,
fluttering its wings
like outstretched limbs
it peeps curiously
into the students' books.
Fascinated by the diagram of a bird
drawn meticulously in the books,
the pigeon admires man's creativity.
But,is sad that he has lost himself
in theory and does not 'see'
the bird in life and blood-
a live example of the marvels
of Evolution of Life.
And flies away immediately
scared by the thought
that one day,it might also
become extinct'dead as a dudo'
another victim of 'man's progression'!

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