Brøndby Strand

a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

Brøndby Strand

From the haste of daily labour
the mundane of cyclic affairs,
we come to this part of God`s creation
to celebrate the silence
in the pounding of the waves to the shore,
the touch of the wind on sailboats and human breath,
the wonder of the grains of sand
children play with their creative hands.

We come and seek freedom
on the white ground as we lie
naked before the searching eyes of the sun-
a sea of people, feasting, resting
on the silent throb of memories
and hopes in mind and heart--
a recollection and introspection
as people in time and space.

The feast goes on
through summer, spring and autumn
only the cold spell
of winter brings a pause
to this active interaction.

This beach, like the other beaches,
gives a glimpse of our one earth
as it continues to stand
as God`s gift to feast on and celebrate.

Elizabeth Padillo Olesen
copyright 1996
(Brøndby Strand was my home during the past 8 years in Denmark. Strand is the Danish word for beach).

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