My Growing Grandson

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

I watch you growing
day by day,
in the yard,
so hard at play,
growing inch by inch,
and sometimes when you'd fall,
I'd flinch.

I measured your growth
on the woodwork
on the wall,
inch by inch,
pencil markings, all in all,
our daily longing for another inch,
to be someday tall.

Now as I gaze at you, grown so tall,
I wonder off down another hall,
marks on the wall are fading,
But in life, sometimes,
there are the days of evading,
thought, not one of us together,
would I be trading.

For each day we've spent together,
among my memories,
I gathered all,
and you I've cherished,
you tower now above me son,
as you now hold my arm,
helping me along,
still with such amazing charm,
oh how you've grown so strong,
years gone by, seems like not so long.
since in the yard
I watched you day by day,
so hard at play, and
running the track
so lean and strong,

May God, life, love, and friends,
be good to you always,
my dearest son,
may you too acquire
days of praise,
of a dear wife,
and together,
watch your children grow,
too, lovingly tall and strong,

Then is when you will see,
how much I have love eternally,
So as you watch,
as they each yearn,
for another days growing mark,
upon the wall.

Day by day, seeing them grow tall,
as you flinch, if they should fall.
dearest son,
a loving father
you will surely make.

My dear, I give you
my respect, and love,
you may give and take,
when you choose,
I love you now
and forever,
this you'll
someday finally see.

Linda Terrell
May 3, 2009 8:19 A.M.

Corrected 7:22 A.M. March 2, 2012

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