a poem by Lee Emmett, Australia - poetry writer, author, poet

never groan, moan or grizzle
about wispy-mist or drizzle
though spiky hair may frizzle
just sculpt it with sharp chisel

bubbling steam-kettle's whistle
heard at scorching sausage-sizzle
fire might spit chips and fizzle
as sear beef-steak and gristle

don't succumb to rowdy hassle
when chaos reigns, mind could frazzle
add tiny peck of pepper-basil
glitter-glint with razzle-dazzle

in the crowded hustle-bustle
gag snarling-beast with muzzle
rustle lettuce-leaves and tussle
snuffle truffles, giggle, guzzle

carousing's not for an apostle
don't stagnate like an old fossil
wriggle, elbow, struggle, jostle
glasses clink at festive wassail

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