Go Dog Go...A Dr. Suess Parody

a poem by Trevor Allan McLeod, Canada

The dog was driving fast when the light turned green
and drove as if the red was a light between.
He was in a terrible hurry for a party in a tree.
It was just about ten minutes on his clock that he could see.
He pulled up to a maple that had branches that were wide
and hanging from the first one was a poodle he had spied.
He asked him many questions to find others who were friends
and thanked him for his help as they spoke to great ends.
He went up in the tree on an old rope ladder
and almost fell back down to the pooldles laughter.
When high attop the tree he could see quite far.
All his friends were partying hardy just above his car.
He was offered several drinks all with straws bright pink
and sipped them very slowly to the music as he thinked.
He talked to many friends as he shared a few jokes
and walked around on branches careful not to fall and croak.
As he watched the sun fall down and it got quite late
He remembered his long drive and his homeward fate.
So he said his many thank you's and goodbyes quite late
and headed for his car putting down his plate.
It wasn't very long till he reached his home
and soon he settled in to his bed alone.
He set his tiny clock to get up the next day
but knew it wouldn't be as the one today.


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