When We Say Goodbye

a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

When We Say Goodbye

When we say goodbye to the one we love,
to the one we care,
words are not easy to come along.
We can smile and we can laugh
We can cry and we can hide
But remains the fact,to say goodbye
is not an easy task.

For deep in our hearts
There will always be
a longing to touch, a longing to hold
to talk face to face within time and space
the longing creeps in -a form of dying.

When we say goodbye to the one we love
Days will soon turn into years
We lament and we regret
We recall and we relive
all the memories we have shared
with the one we love.

For deep in our hearts
there will always be
a reason to dream
a reason to hope.
The hope bears us up
within time and space
The person we love
lives in our hearts.

(I have made guitar chords for this text that this can be sung. Elizabeth )

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