Chaos of whispers....

a poem by Colleen Thomas, India

That gaze,a shower of a thousand beams
Of merry frivolous sunshine;
Multipartite emotions they speak.
The glance, so mundane to other mortal,
Makes ever so verdant this wilderness.

That expression,as if to muse upon life itself,
A very intoxicating reverie of sorts.
That music,Euterpe's mellifluous masterpiece,
Scripted by that seat of affection,rhymed by divine origin,
The place of supreme felicity.

Sacrilegious treachery!Fate is larcenous.
She calls for due return,
At long last, she taketh.
Luck is a pretence, and by right bequeaths Her martyrs;
In a listless lair,the mortal habitat.

We are left behind,bestowed with ferae naturae personage;
The music is nothing but a charivari;
Judas merriment.
But behold!A new sight!
The gaze that blinded is gone.

New tones of jubilation all around;
Nature sings in her brazen voice,
No Mozart or Bach an equal.
As nature outcarols the rest,
I can hear again.

As we watch the world shifting,
With trifling undertones of mystery,
A new lesson is learnt.
This moment,innundated with life,
Invincible,astir and worth a second.

"To leave all behind,"Fate whispers
"And take none any further."
The moment calls,forget and live,
May death be mere invention,
A mirage of the mind,an illusion dismissed.

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