Scenes of Global Warming

a poem by Sheela Chalapathi ramananda, India

A beautiful,infinitely pleasant blue sheet
With white,ice-cold clouds pasted on it.
Inquisitive birds circuit the ice-mounds
Pecking them to see if there is rain in the clouds.
Tall,lanky coconut palms standing very still
With no winds blowing to turn their wind-mill.
The frowning Sun mercilessly glaring down
At the very sad,tired Earth ready to swoon.

The forever restless,sleepless,noisy city
Moving towards its doom with high velocity.
The rancid smelling,overcrowded buses
Filled with tensed people who hurtle curses
At the meaningless,worthless,busy life
Which they are forced to live with strife.
The pollutants are tearing the ozone layer
And this cannot be set right by any prayer.

The green grass growing in the snowy poles
Has sadly raised the penguin death tolls.
The alarmingly fast-melting mountain glaciers
Spell doom to the life-giving,sacred rivers.
The rumbling,growling,angry volcanoes,
Are warning man for breaking Nature's canons.
The first time snowfall in the hot desertland
Are these threats to make Earth a wasteland?

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