My Toes

a poem by Leslie M. Owens, USA

My friends they tell me my feet stink
Like cornchips fresh out of the bag
My face at this turns bright pink
I know,I tell them, then I brag
On how tasty and yummy toe jam
Brings out the flavor of eggs and ham

Ooh, gross! they say with wide eyed horror
And wrinkle their noses with disgust
I feel like such an intrepid explorer
It is hard to act so nonplussed
As I continue from there to explain
How toes are so tasty I can’t complain

I tell them how my salty toe nails
Crunch a little when I munch them
I give them all the sordid details
Of how my feet, they shouldn’t condem
OH SHUT UP! They shout don’t tell me more
Too bad, they should have thought of that before…..

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