Earthly Angels

a poem by Linda Bates Terrell, USA

Cupped his hands
began to blow
Watched the down fall
of the winter snow
kneeling down low
avoiding such bitter cold.

Pulled his collar up
just a bit higher
tucked in his shoe
a lost blown flyer.

Homeless and desolate
street after street
not a kindly human
did he meet.

Daily he did tread
no love to him spread
no where to find
a warm comfort bed.

Why does this type
of sadness exist
Why do humans deny
one like him eternal bliss.

Angels among us?
so some say!
Ask a cold homeless man
at the end of a day.
Sir how do you define
an angel.

Angels are among us?
He began to reply
With a slow helpless sigh
When the light at the shelter
shines bright with a vacant bed.

A donated pair of shoes
with which in warmth
I may daily tread.
An Angel-------is
Just another spreading
Gods undeniable love.

To spread with prayer
to be an earthly angel
one must do his best.
To give another a timely rest.
To take another human
in a hug, to ones breast.
Angels are------
he said with a smile
Earthly humans giving
at their very best.

Linda Terrell
July 6th 2009

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