a poem by Leslie M. Owens, USA

Bugger Coon Luv’d to eat
Anything tasty including little turtle feet
He liked them smothered, covered and chunked
Those tasty feet, in taco sauce, he dunked

Armadillo on the half-shell, hot off the grill
Or baked in the oven, with just a little dill
He’d lick his plate clean as a sparkly star
Then top it all off with a big chocolate bar

For Monday night dinner it was snout on a stick
(You look kinda green, please don’t get sick)
On Tuesdays he ate jellied hog brains
And being a good boy never left any remains

Wednesday nights supper was truly sweet
Raccoon and beans eaten ‘til he was replete
Every night of the week, a different meal was served
And no matter how strange he was never unnerved

Thursday and Friday were equally strange
With gator tail soup, or Hedgehog a’la orange
A Saturday snack of possum and crackers
Always hit the spot when watching the Greenbay Packers

But Sunday was the day he yearned for all week
The variety and strangeness hit its all time peak
He waited impatiently for dinner time chops
Because for desert he always got Possum Pudding Pops!

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