Jesus, A Refugee

a poem by Elizabeth Padillo Olesen, Denmark

Jesus, a fleeing refugee -
born into a family
made part of humanity
fled from his town of birth
escorted by Joseph and Mary,
away, away from the threat of death¨
by the hands in power
who could not tolerate a Messiah
of peace to rule and change
the stubborn state
of greed and dictatorship.
Here is Jesus, a fleeing child refugee
with all the child`s fragility
under the care of his own family.

Jesus is found in every fleeing refugee
who cannot be cut off from all the blood ties
and memories which remain intact in mind and heart
with stories and family ties as his roots¨
which will ever be a part of his own identity,
a call for every human family
in the world to be a continuing instrument
of compassion for the fragile and weak in our midst.

Jesus, an internal refugee-
grown up in his own town
where foreign Roman authorities laid down upon
the local people their iron hand.
An internal refugee was Jesus
with growing consciousness in harmony with
those who dreamed for peace and justice
for freedom and determination
from the utmost foreign control and manipulation.

Jesus is among the refugees
who do not have to flee to another land,
refugees in their own land, imprisoned
and tortured because of their convictions
and yet have ever kept the dream for freedom
as an ever flowing desire that lingers
to be tasted as honey and lived
through all the days of time.

Jesus, a refugee for life -
not silenced by the power that be
He spoke to the hearts of the people
and brought about a revolution
in the heart and mind, of seeking
to uplift God`s kingdom on earth,
a taste of the heavenly abode-
where food is given to the hungry,
water to the thirsty,
freedom to the prisoners,
healing to the sick
unmindful of the Sabbath rules and intriques.
He broke down the rules of rigid traditions
that stand in a way of
securing and upholding the best
in children, men and women.

Jesus is among those refugees for life
not ruled by fear and self-ambition
but by the rule of love-
a refugee for life that keeps
the sole determination
to bring the taste of the heavenly abode
of God`s kingdom on earth.

A refugee for life is he
that is not shattered
or intimidated by caricatures
that mob and mock
one`s own face and position-
A refugee for life is he
that brings us to the innermost beauty
which lies in the human heart and mind -
of love and acceptance,forgiveness
and freedom and not hate,revenge and war.

Yes, Jesus is a living refugee in our midst.

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